DGP Jahrestagung 2022 “From Molecules to Traits – How Plants Feed the Future” in Raitenhaslach

The German Society of Plant Nutrition (DGP) hereby announces the 54th Annual Conference, which will take place from October 04th – 05th at the TUM Akademiezentrum Raitenhaslach in Raitenhaslach flanked by the river Salzach, representing the German – Austrian border. The meeting will be held under…

New publication: Going underground: soil hydraulic properties impacting maize responsiveness to water deficit


20.05.2022, Keynote Lecture of Patrick Bienert at “The paradOX meeting” (verlinken) in Brussels, Belgium on "Peroxiporins – cellular redox gates"


19.05.2022, Patrick Bienert gives a talk in the LIBST seminar series at the Universitè catholique de Louvain, Belgium, about “Boron efficiency mechanisms in Brassica napus & Arabidopsis thaliana


Vortragsreihe TUM@Freising: Aktueller Vortrag von Prof. Patrick Bienert am 26.04.2022,19:00 Uhr

"Nährstoffe oder Gift? Die Bedeutung von Bor, Arsen und anderen Halbmetallen für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung" Dienstag, 26.04.2022,19:00 Uhr online live über Zoom

New publication: Root hairs matter at field scale for maize shoot growth and nutrient uptake, but root trait plasticity is primarily triggered by texture and drought


New publication: Stable Isotope Fractionation of Metals and Metalloids in Plants: A Review