Prosit - Deep learning model for proteomics

Prosit ( is a free to use deep learning framework for generating custom spectral libraries and iRT prediction and inferrence of high quality MS2 spectra for any organism and protease. Prosit is part of the ProteomeTools project and was trained on the project's high quality synthetic datasets.

Prosit has a wide range of functions, such as predicting spectra for proteases other than trypsin, generating spectral libraries for data-independent acquisition (DIA) and improving the analysis of metaproteomes. Prosit is integrated into ProteomicsDB, allowing search result re-scoring and custom spectral library generation for any organism on the basis of peptide sequence alone.

Available theses and research projects

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Relevant source code

  • DLOmix  - python framework to train deep learning models in proteomics research
  • prosit_grpc - a python client to retrieve predictions in real-time
  • spectrum_fundamentals - a python library for basic processing and annotation tasks specifically for generating training/testing/holdout data
  • PROSPECT - a large annotated dataset leveraging the raw data from ProteomeTools

Primary literature

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Tools utilizing Prosit

Universal Spectrum Explorer

A web app based on IPSA for cross-resource (peptide) spectrum visualization and comparison.


A freely available MS Windows application for building and analyzing various proteomics data.


A freely available library search engine comprised of several algorithms for DIA data analysis.