Group members

Prof. Dr. Ilona Grunwald Kadow (Principal Investigator)

I am the group leader and I am interested in understanding context-dependent sensory processing.


mail to: ilona.grunwald[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71 - 2440
room: 2.14

Lucia Hofmann (Team Assistant)

I am responsible for office matters.

mail to: neuro[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71 - 2491
room: 2.10

Dr. Siju Kunhi Purayil (Postdoctoral associate)

I am interested in understanding the representation of odor valence in the brain and its role in decision-making.

mail to: siju[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2284
room: 0.25

Dr. Sophie Aimon (postdoctoral associate)

I am interested in using in vivo microscopy and computational approaches to understand whole brain activity in the behaving animal.

mail to: Sophie.aimon[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2284

room: 0.25

Dr. Jean-Francois De Backer (Postdoctoral associate)

My project focuses on the neuromodulatory mechanisms and circuits involved in internal state-dependent processing of odors.

mail to:[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2284
room: 0.25

Karen Cheng (postdoctoral fellow)

My main interest is to understand how the brain integrates the current and past behavioral state of an organism into the processing of sensory information and the planning of next actions. 

eMail: karen.y.cheng[at]

Tel .: [+49] (0) 8161 - 71-2806

Room: 0.25

Francisco Rodriguez Jimenez (Graduate (PhD) student)

I study how the microbiome might influence animal physiology and behavior.

mail to: f.rodriguez-jimenez[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2806
room: 2.15

Paul Bandow (Graduate (PhD) student)

I am using in vivo functional imaging and behavioral analysis in flies to understand how internal and behavioral states influence brain activity and neural processing.

mail to:

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2806
room: 2.15

Virginia Palieri (Doktorandin)

Ich interessiere mich für die Repräsentation von relativer Erfahrung im Gehirn. Dazu kombiniere ich In-vivo-Bildgebung und Verhaltensanalyse in Fliege und Fisch. Mein Projekt ist eine Kollaboration mit dem Labor von Ruben Portugues.

mail to: vpalieri[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2806
room: 2.15

Yujie Wang (Graduate (PhD) student)

I am interested in the neural circuits guiding post-ingestion choice behavior and learning.

mail to:[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2806
room: 2.15

Heidi Miller-Mommerskamp (Technical assistant)

I am supporting the entire group in their different projects.

mail to: miller[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2806
room: 2.15

Anja Friedrich (Research Assistant)

I am focused on fly anatomy and immunohistochemistry.

mail to: abfriedrich[at]

phone: [+49] (0)8161 - 71- 2806

room: 0.14

Programming and Technical Support

  • Sydney Hunt
  • Maxine Miller
  • Maha Shams
  • Florian Kubisiak