1. Lecture series ‚Sensory neurogenetics and behavior’ (information here)

2. Exercise and practical course ‘Sensory neurogenetics and behavior

3. Lecture series ,Recent topics in nutrional biomedicine

4. Practical course ‘Integrated lab course

5. Bachelor lecture and practical course 'Systemsbiology of Organisms'



1. Seminar series ‘Latest Neuroscience - Presenting Papers to Researchers and the General Public’ (information here)

2. Practical course ‘Integrated lab course

3. Exercise and practical course ‘Sensory neurogenetics and behavior

4. Additional lectures and practicals for the Elite-Masters of 'Neuroengineering' and 'Biomedical Neurosciences'


Weitere Details finden Sie in TUM online (here).

Außerdem bieten wir Forschungspraktika für Master- und Bachelorstudenten an (minimum 6 Wochen). Bei Interesse melden Sie Sich bitte bei neuro[at]wzw.tum.de.

Science for everyone

TUM@Freising Science for everyone, is a regular upcoming event, where scientist at TUM present interesting research topics to the general public audience. So far this is meant to be in German only. If you are interested please join the next events.