European maize genome decoded

The publication in Nature Genetics describes the analysis of four different European maize lines using modern sequencing technologies and bioinformatics approaches. Researches of the joint projects BayKlimaFit and MAZE participated in this study.

Press release HMGU "European and American maize: same same, but different"

Haberer G, Kamal N, Bauer E, Gundlach H, Fischer I, Seidel MA, Spannagl M, Marcon C, Ruban A, Urbany C, Nemri A, Hochholdinger F, Ouzunova M, Houben A, Schön CC, Mayer KFX (2020) European maize genomes highlights intra-species dynamics of repeats and genes. Nature Genetics, DOI: 10.1038/s41588-020-0671-9