New method for the non-invasive analysis of fat depots

Electron density as measured by phase contrast CT correlates to fat content and mitochondrial density of adipose tissues. In close collaboration with our partners at the Biomedical Physics Department…

Eating a carbohydrate-rich meal turns on brown fat thermogenesis in humans

The French-German NUTRIBRITE project funded by ANR and DFG contributes the transcriptome analysis of human brown and white adipose tissues. A clinical research team in Turku (Finland) found that…

Purine nucleotide degradation disinhibits UCP1 activity in brown fat cells

Recent publication in Molecular Metabolism Tobias Fromme at the Chair of Molecular Nutritional Medicine took the lead in this study published in Molecular Metabolism. It has been widely accepted that…

Prof. Klingenspor is one of the editors of the new Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology (Springer-Verlag | Vol. 251 | 2019)

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) and its metabolic function is the main topic in this new handbook. The book provides an update on the latest research. BAT dissipates energy and might offer a target for novel therapies to address obesity, a health condition that has reached pandemic dimensions.

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