Open positions

PHD Programs

Are you interested in a PhD project? Our lab is affiliated with the following schools:

TUM PhD Program Medical Life Science and Technology:
Graduate School in Systemic Neuroscience (GSN):
International Max Planck Research School:

For a Master's Thesis you may apply directly to neuro[at]

Master Student Position

Master student wanted

Postdoc Level

Please contact us directly: neuro[at]

Include a cover letter with a statement of interest, CV, and names of two referees. We are especially interested in people with a background in neurophysiology and/or quantitative behavioral analysis. Physicists and engineers with a keen interest in neurosciences are also encouraged to apply.

We currently have no open position, but we are happy to discuss fellowship options with you!

Internship or Student Assistant Position (Hiwi)

Please contact us directly (neuro[at] or apply to the AMGEN scholars program:

In addition, we offer research projects for bachelor and master students in the lab (minimum 6 weeks). Please email to neuro[at], if interested.