CV Yanina Soledad Rizzi

Since November 2020
Postdoc in the Gutjahr lab

2017 - 2020
Postdoc in the lab of Regine Kahmann, Max Planck Institute for Terriestrial Microbiology, Marburg (Germany).

Doctoral thesis in Chemistry in the lab of María Elena Álvarez, School of Chemical Sciences, National University of Cordoba (Argentina).

“Contributions of Proline Dehydrogenase to the defence response against pathogens in Arabidopsis”.

Biology studies in the School of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, National University of Cordoba (Argentina).

“Analysis of the implication of flavodoxin in resistance to oxidative stress in the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa”. (Bachelor thesis in the lab of Andrea Smania).


2011-2016 Doctoral Fellowship of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council Argentina (CONICET).


Sperschneider J, Jildirir G, Rizzi Y, Malar MC, Sorwar E, Chen EC, Iwasaki W, Brauer EK, Bosnich W, Gutjahr C, Corradi N (2023) Resolving the haplotypes of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi highlights the role of two nuclear populations in host interactions. bioRxiv 824138.

Rizzi Y.S., Happel P., Lenz S., Urs M.J., Bonin M., Cord-Landwehr S., Singh R., Moerschbacher B.M., Kahmann R. (2021) Chitosan and chitin deacetylase activity are necessary for development and virulence of Ustilago maydis. mBio 12:e03419-20. 

Rizzi Y.S., Cecchini N.M., Fabro G. and Alvarez M.E. (2016) Differential control and function of Arabidopsis ProDH1 and ProDH2 genes upon infection with biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens. Molecular Plant Pathology DOI: 10.1111/mpp.12470.

Fabro G., Rizzi Y.S. and Alvarez M.E. (2016) Arabidopsis proline dehydrogenase contributes to flagellin mediated PAMP-triggered immunity by affecting RBOHD. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 29:620

Rizzi Y.S., Monteoliva M.I., Fabro G., Grosso C.L., Laróvere L.E. and Alvarez M.E. (2015) P5CDH affects the pathways contributing to Pro synthesis after ProDH activation by biotic and abiotic stress conditions. Frontiers in Plant Science 6:572 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00572.  

Monteoliva M.I., Rizzi Y.S., Cecchini N.M., Hajirezaei M.R., Alvarez M.E. (2014) Context of action of Proline Dehydrogenase (ProDH) in the Hypersensitive Response of Arabidopsis. BMC Plant Biology 14:21 doi: 10.1186/1471-2229-14-21.

Moyano AJ, Tobares RA#, Rizzi YS#, Krapp A, Mondotte JA, Bocco JL, Saleh MC, Carrillo N and Smania AM. (2014) “A Putative Cognate Long-Chain Flavodoxin Protects Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Oxidative Stress” PloS Genetics 10:2. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1004163. # shared second authors.