Due to its important roles in oncogenic signaling, AKT has been subjected to extensive drug discovery efforts leading to small molecule inhibitors investigated in advanced clinical trials. To better understand how these drugs exert their therapeutic effects at the molecular level,... [mehr]

Free online workshop hosted by EPIC-XS [mehr]

Explore global, steady-state proteomics and phosphoproteomics data for 125 cell lines using the ATLANTiC web application at! Integrated analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes and drug responses of cancer cell lines (CCLs) is an emerging... [mehr]

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Temperature influences the physiology of all living matter. Some organisms live in cold environments, most eukaryotes die when their inner temperature increases above 42 °C, but some species can survive even in hot springs. As most processes in life are regulated by proteins, we... [mehr]

First comprehensive map of the proteome of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana [mehr]

Major project for Munich neurosciences In a joint large-scale project, Munich scientists from proteomics, computer science and medicine investigate the causes of disorders of the central nervous system, how they can be diagnosed and how treatment response can be monitored. To... [mehr]