Médard Group

Our main expertise is chemical proteomics. We couple medicinal chemistry and bottom-up proteomics to develop proteomics-aided drug discovery.

On-bead immobilised small molecules can specifically enrich their targets, which can be identified and quantified using the multiplexing capacity of mass-spectrometry readout. From this realisation, affinity-based proteome profiling has matured into a powerful target deconvolution technology.

We push the boundaries of this approach and propose a target-agnostic drug discovery progression. The pipeline is composed of the following three key modules:

  1. proteome-wide screening of small molecules
  2. proteome-wide SAR study of pharmacophores
  3. selectivity profiling of candidate inhibitors

We demonstrate the feasibility and added-value of this molecule-centered strategy and contribute to expand the druggable proteome.


Current group members:

Guillaume Médard – Group leader

Polina Prokofeva – PhD student

Severin Lechner – PhD student

Luna Bergamasco – PhD student