Deep quantitative and qualitative characterization of the mouse proteome by multi-omics analysis

Project Members: Piero Giansanti, Martin Frejno
Cooperation: -

Piero Giansanti


The sequencing of the mouse genome has transformed biomedical research over the past decades, as it has provided a model for human physiology and disease, leading to significant discoveries in such fields as immunology, cardiology and metabolism and cancer. However, an equivalent comprehensive map for the mouse proteome, with spatial and cell-type specific quantitative measurements of proteins and post–translational modifications, does not exist yet.

Our goal is to generate this unique integrative proteomic map, by combining accurate mass spectrometry-based (phospho)proteomics and deep transcriptomics analysis of multiple tissues. This will serve as a tool to gather new insights into the mechanisms of gene expression control and the relationships between transcription and translation.