Ongoing grants

LRTN360 - The Proteomes that Feed the World

International doctoral program LRTN360 (360° leadership research-training network) aiming to chart out “The Proteomes that Feed the World”.

PROTrEIN - Research and Training network

PROTrEIN is a European innovative and interdisciplinary research and training network to educate the next generation of researchers in computational proteomics.

DIAS - Data integration, analytics and services in ProteomicsDB

The overarching aims of DIAS are to substantially extend the capabilities of ProteomicsDB, to integrate it with other important resources in the field and to develop a number of computational tools for the benefit of the scientific community.

Associated grants

CLINSPECT-M - Clinical Mass Spectrometry Center Munich

CLINSPECT-M unites an outstanding team of Munich-based experts in proteomics, medicine and bioinformatics to translate mass spectrometry-based proteomics into clinical practice.

EPIC-XS - European Proteomics Infrastructure Consortium providing access

The European Proteomics Infrastructure Consortium providing access (EPIC-XS) consists of a unified network of experienced access providers and research groups. The common goal is to facilitate the development and sustainability of proteomics exploration to all life science researchers within the European Union.

Finished grants


The ProteomeTools project is a joint effort with the aim to translate the human proteome into molecular and digital tools for drug discovery, personalized medicine and life science research.