TAST2019 - Towards Abiotic Stress Tolerance

Plant signaling, Physiology and Breeding Perspectives

October 10, 2019

TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan, Freising, Germany

We kindly invite you to attend the TAST2019 Symposium, part of the Plant Sciences Symposia Series.

In times of climate change, the frequency of extreme weather events is expected to increase. Ensuring sustainable crop production in the future requires stress tolerant plants. The invited speakers of the symposium will give an overview of recent research on plant signaling, physiological adaptation, and breeding approaches towards understanding and increasing abiotic stress tolerance. Students will have the opportunity to give poster presentations and to be selected for speed talks. Please follow our invitation and join us in October this year!

Please check our website https://www.tast2019.wzw.tum.de/ for more information.

The call for abstracts and registration is open.